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Dispatch Software for Trucking

There are many TMS Dispatch systems out there that say they are the best trucking dispatch software.  However, are they really? Oftentimes, when we are contacted for a demo of our dispatch system, we are told that the potential client has already been through several systems and is unhappy for several different reasons. Maybe they encountered surprise costs.  Alternatively, poor support.  And, what we hear the most, is it just doesn’t do what they need.

And, what are you looking for?  Easy? Affordable? Efficient? A dispatch program that fits your business needs?

What does a Fleet dispatch software program need to offer, to be the best?

What does TMS Digital Dispatch offer

  • Our customers will tell you Easy to use.
  • Our software makes it easy to edit and make changes
  • Our dispatch software for trucking companies is highly configurable.  You can configure screens, buttons, menu options and much more per user or group of users.
  • We include customizing forms and reports for each customer’s individual needs
  • We include a fuel card interface and an accounting interface. *
  • We offer custom programming.
  • We have a great support team with a great response time.
  • TL loads
  • LTL loads
  • Cross-docked loads
  • Split loads
  • Deadhead trips
  • Brokerage
  • Multi-company setup, for example: Logistics and Brokerage loads can be created in one dispatch but billed to two separate accounting companies. Or you can purchase two separate dispatch programs, one for logistics and one for brokerage
  • Billing, which includes custom invoices and options to break out revenue based on load criteria
  • Settlements (pay drivers, owner operators, carriers, agents, salesmen, and trailer leasing).
  • Assessorial charges, including Fuel Surcharge rating table, by the effective date. Assessorial charges can even be automated by customers or with auto-rating.
  • Security with user logins and options to restrict access for users or groups of users to specific parts of the program.
  • Logging User and group events in log files.
  • We interface with many 3rd party integration choices. For example for accounting, you may want to post to QuickBooks.  Our next customer may want to post to Microsoft Dynamics.  Or, perhaps you want our dispatch to calculate loaded and empty miles, via PcMiler.  Maybe our next customer prefers Rand McNally. Or Google Miles. The same with ELDs and Fuel Cards.  We more than likely already have an interface with them.  If not, we are usually able to write one.**
  • ** If we do not currently have an interface to a 3rd party program, we check to see if they offer an API. Alternatively, import/export options.  If it is something we feel all future customers may benefit from, we will write the interface.  If not, or if it appears to be quite involved, we will give you a custom programming quote and let you decide if you need it.

With every new sale, great suggestions or requests for changes in the dispatch program not only enhanced Dispatch, but made it a good fit for each client.


Who are we?

TMS Digital has been writing dispatch software for small business and large fleets for well over 30 years.  The company began in a small town in Southern Illinois (Go Salukis) by a crop duster named Bob Berner.  Bob had started programming in dBase for his crop dusting business and he evolved into writing a dispatch system for local trucking companies.  His business grew and a suite of programs were added, including a Tickets system, for dump trucks or short haul trucking, a Maintenance system to track truck and trailer repairs.  A driver log/safety program.  EDI interfaces, as well as Fuel Card.  And, a Mileage and Fuel tax IFTA calculating program.

Sadly, we lost Bob in the late 90’s, doing what he loved, flying.   The head programmer, Shawn O’Neil, purchased the company.  TMS became Custom Software Solutions, Inc.  During that time, Dispatch and the other TMS programs were moved into a Windows format. Moreover, evolution continued.

This past year, Custom Software Solutions has teamed up with Protected Harbor, out of Orangeburg, NY to create TMS Digital and now we are the best dispatch software for trucking.  Protected Harbor is a data center that offers complete solutions for Business Technology issues, including ransomware, malware, and virus protection; remote cloud access; packages that include server hardware costs, support, maintenance, and all IT support costs. This includes 99.99% uptime, proactive monitoring, private cloud backup, 24 / 7 / 365 days a year live support.

This allows our existing and future clients the ability to run our TMS Digital Dispatch and our other TMS programs in a safe environment and enables them to remote in from anywhere and feel secure.


In Summary

The program is not a typical off-the-shelf, one size fits all.  It is highly configurable, as well as customizable with many sophisticated features.  Yet remains easy to use. Stored on secure servers that allow you to work from the office, home or even from the coffee shop, so you can stay on top of your loads, trucks and drivers at all times!

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