[techland_hero_split alignment=”text-left” btnstyle=”3″ bgimg=”6504″ subheading=”MODULES” heading=”Maintenance” desc=”The TMS Equipment Maintenance System is a multi-user, multi-company maintenance and management information system designed for small to large size trucking companies. It is designed to track and report maintenance and repairs, fuel and oil usage and other costs associated with the operation of your tractor & trailer equipment.” btntitle=”Get your free trial” sh_bgclr=”#eb7800″ sh_sz=”18px” h_sz=”42px” desc_clr=”#ffffff” desc_sz=”18px” overlayimg=”rgba(234,222,211,0.08)” link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%2Fdispatch%2Fcontact-us%2F|||”]
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This system can help improve your ability to track and control equipment operating costs, increase shop and mechanic productivity, improve equipment safety, insure equipment compliance and achieve greater equipment utilization. It also includes a complete inventory system, warranty tracking, reporting features, preventative maintenance scheduling and reporting, fuel and oil consumption, multiple meter mileage tracking, unit and data transfers. This module can be linked to your accounting system for invoicing purposes, if so desired.

TMS Equipment Maintenance gives you the option of entering three types of Repair Orders: company, outside sales and outside vendors. Automatic tracking of inventory parts and labor.

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