Driver Logs

Safety Management

The Driver Safety Management Module is an in depth driver information program which allows you to maintain a wide volume of information on each of your drivers. Driver Management can either be an extension of our Dispatch module with a linked Driver file or can be stand alone for those trucking companies not using Dispatch.

Driver Safety Management


  • Integrates with all TMS modules, enter the driver information once
  • Custom designed letters of all types using data entered
  • Complete management of DOT required information
  • In-depth management of HazMat Certifications, Security Plan Certifications and CDL Endorsements.
  • Complete management of all credit card numbers and expiration dates
  • Cross check team drivers, multiple terminal or agent locations
  • Disciplinary action notice violations
  • User Defined Violation section, which includes a point system, allowing you to keep track of company and state points
  • Shows change of duty locations and comments
  • Maintain driver information and drug testing per DOT requirements
  • The Image button on the Driver browser enables you to have private, digital copies of each driver's records at your fingertips without going to the filing cabinet.
  • Records information from multiple previous employers
  • Reports from driver files formatted for insurance quotes
  • Optional management of Company required forms
  • Request State MVR’s and driver reports
  • All reports can be previewed on screen prior to printing
  • User Defined Checklist and Company/State Review Sections, which enable you to set your own due dates
  • Color Code all of your Driver's expiration dates to automatically know at glance when a due date is looming or expired.
  • Keep track of more than just expiration dates. You have the ultimate, record keeping ability to track detailed data of Physicals, Road and Written Tests.