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TMS Dispatch System has the full capability to book, dispatch, deliver and track from initial order through final billing. Dispatchers can track equipment, driver activity, locations, manage TL, LTL, Brokerage, Split Trips, Cross docking and Intermodal operations. TMS Dispatch can handle all types of trailers and loads including standard dry, refrigerated, liquid, flat, auto carrier, and hazardous. NO MONTHLY FEES!

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Dynamic Real-time information User-defined screens and indexes Dispatch by a company driver, owner operator truck, or carrier Record and track advances to company drivers, carriers, owner-operators, and agents Truck and Trailer tracking with history links with other TMS modules and third-party software LTL consolidation and cross-docking Links to any major routing package Enter rate tariffs for specific customers to automatically rate loads User-defined zones

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Broker TL and LTL loads to outside carriers Record call-ins from outside carriers
Track carrier driver, truck, and trailer information Print & fax broker agreement
Record, track, and print broker profile Report on expired agreements & insurance

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Intelligent settlements system for drivers, trucks, trailers, brokers and agents Automatically mark billed loads Automated processing of advances Default adjustments for all types of settlements Driver or Owner operator Savings account feature

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  • Tracks the location of containers from pickup point to final delivery
  • Establishes demurrage and per diem rates for each separate container owner
  • Demurrage and per diem are calculated automatically according to the owner’s tariff
  • Tracking is keyed by the free days for demurrage and turn in date for per diem
  • Allows different rate for each container size
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  • Unix/AS-400/U.S. Postal and other systems
  • Load and Equipment postings to DAT Services
  • Interface to SMC3’s Czarlite rating system
  • Accounting, Routing and Mileage
  • Microsoft Access and Crystal Reports for powerful reports
  • Custom Interfaces available
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