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Instruction & Help

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Why are my driver, truck, or trailer highlighted in red?

The space bar acts as a toggle to indicate to other dispatchers that there is some sort of alert for this driver, truck or trailer and to further check more information before dispatching. To remove the red highlight, simply go to the one in question and press space bar

How do I recalculate truck revenue?

Go into Dispatch, Operations and pull up the Truck screen. Hold down your ALT key while simultaneously pressing R (alt+R)

How do I customize my screen?

Why do I have to reindex?

Reindexing is a part of good housekeeping. Periodically, you need to clean things up! Reindexing goes through your data and sorts it under several catagories (some user defined) so you can do searches easily.
Think of it like a file cabinet that has been alphabetized. Periodically, someone puts a folder back in the wrong place and reindexing puts the information back in an orderly fashion again. Reindexing also cleans up old unused temp files.

What are the different dates in Dispatch?

Most of the date fields are self explanatory, but there are a few that I might be able to clear up for you:
Load date – is the date you create the load(System date)
Pickup date – is the date entered that you expect to be picking up the load
Drop date – is the date entered that you expect to drop the load
Invoice date – is the date you invoice the load

Date – is the completion date, or the date you actually deliver the load
Enroute – is when you actually pickup/dispatch the load

Appt. date – date you promise to deliver
Arrival date – date you arrive
Dock date – date you back up to dock
Leave date – date you leave the dock for next load

Most of these dates will default to the computer system date unless you override it to tell it otherwise.

How do I split a load between two drivers?

You start by dispatching the load to the first Driver, Truck or Carrier. Do a Call-in, Change status and put the load in Hold status. A screen will pop up and ask you what the last completed pickup or drop was.
Highlight that and then fill out the hold location. If you use Trip Auditor, the more information you put in here will help the auditor. Click the Stop Off button and enter dates and times for the completed pickups and drops before Changing the Status to Hold.

If you choose the last drop off as the completed leg, it will DELIVER the load!

How do I LTL loads together?

Make sure you are set for automatic manifest number type under Setup, System Configuration, System Setup **
You will start by creating the loads you want to LTL. While they are still in A status, you will hit space bar to highlight each of them. While you are still on one of the highlighted loads Press M or click the “manifest” button. Hit F4 to create a Reserved Manifest. Enter the manifest leading character, you can enter the driver, truck and trailer if you already know who will take the LTL load, or you can leave blank and they will fill in later when you dispatch the loads. The leading manifest character is all that is required at this point. After saving that screen to create the reserved manifest, Highlight it again and Hit your ‘enter’ key to add your loads. Then hit your F4 key. It will ask you if you want to add each load that you had previously highlighted, along with pickups and drops. If a second or third pickup is from same location as the first, you don’t have to add it. After you have put all your loads on the manifest, you can dispatch as usual by highlighting any one of the loads on the manifest.

How do I setup Fuel Surcharge using an effective date’?

How do I make a load Available?

There are two ways to make a load available:
1.) If the load is in ‘P‘icked up or ‘E‘nroute status, go to the truck, driver or carrier and do a ‘C‘all-in ‘C‘hange Status ‘A‘vailable.

2.) If the load has already been ‘D‘elivered, find the load on the Load screen browser and hold down yourkey and press L key. YOU MUST HAVE LOGIN RIGHTS THAT INCLUDE ABILITY TO RESET LOADS!

What if my load shows one status(AEP) and my driver, truck or carrier show a different status?

1.) Check to see if a corresponding trip (manifest) exists in the trip screen? (Operations, Trips. Find the trip and hit F2 to edit it. Double check all the information is correct then Save it. This will update the related Load, truck, trailer and driver (or carrier)
2.) If a corresponding trips does NOT exist in Trip screen, do a load reset (see above paragraph) If you cannot release the load, call TMS Support 618-549-5550 and we will help you!

Why does my computer lock up sometimes in TMS?

Computer lockups can occur for many different reasons. Having a screen saver or energy saver kick on while you have the program open is one way. Another is ‘power users’ who open too many programs at one time for their computer to handle in memory. Your computer can only handle as much as the RAM you have in it.Think of it like owning a Corvette. You could probably cram four people in it and drive it down the road, but it certainly wouldn’t be the smartest thing you have ever done. Your computer is the same, the more programs you try to cram open at one time will affect your computers performance!!

How often should I purge Dispatch files to history?

Purging files to history is totally up to you. Depending on the volume of data and the speed of your system, you want to keep the last ten years of data or you might only want the past three months!
See this tutorial pdf for instructions on purging

Do I need to make a Load available to change a truck or trailer number

No – just edit the trip (Operations, Trips)

Do I need to unbill a load to make it available? And, does a Load have to be Delivered in order to Bill it?

No – you can make a Billed Load available. But, of course, if you are going to cancel the load, you may want to Void the invoice. And, Yes, you can Bill an available load. That is totally up to you and your company’s policies!

What if I get an error Posting Billing to Blackbox?

If the error is the “internal data structure” error, it means you probably ran out of memory when it was trying to refresh the Billing screen.
Scenerio 1) If you go back into Billing and the loads are still showing highlighted, then there is a chance they didn’t post. Back out of Billing and run your Account Link Report from under the Billing menu. It shows you what is in Blackbox waiting to post. If none of the invoices started to post,(meaning they don’t show on the Account Link Report) then you are ok and all you have to do is go back into Billing, click the print button (you need to do the print preview, but you don’t have to actually print) Then click Post. Make sure you don’t have other programs open while you are posting.

Scenerio 2) If you go back into Billing and the loads were not still showing highlighted and were all gone from Billing screen, then it sounds like they had actually posted and you just got the error when it was trying to repaint the screen. Just double check the Account Link Report to make sure all invoices are showing up in Blackbox.

Scenerio 3) This scenerio is when you have to call TMS. The loads still show highlighted in Billing screen and they also show up on Account Link report, meaning they are in both places. The program should throw a flag (posterr.log) that will actually stop you from going back into Billing. We will hook up with you and clean up the partial postings and let you post again.

A good tip to avoid getting errors during the posting process is to shut down any programs you don’t have to have running, other than Dispatch. You can also ‘minimize’ and ‘restore’ Dispatch right before posting, but after printing invoices. This refreshes some of the memory used by TMS. If you print to an HP Laser printer, you may notice that any time you print, that your computer slows down or possibly locks up. HP Laser printers are notorius for that and you may have to buy more Ram for your computer to avoid problems.

We also recommend turning off screen savers and power savers. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a large print job and having your computer lock up because a screen saver tried to kick in!